Louboutin to Open First Canadian Freestanding Store in Yorkville

September 01, 2016

Christian Louboutin, the legendary French shoe designer, is opening his first freestanding store in Canada, and it’s coming to the home of Alterra’s very own 36Hazelton, next year.

Toronto, and Yorkville specifically, will be joining the likes of New York, Miami, Hong Kong, and the mesmerizing Paris itself, as cities that are home to Louboutin freestanding stores. Louboutin is obviously exclusive regarding which global cities are blessed with a freestanding store, and on behalf of the only Canadian city on the list, we would like to say that we’re honoured.

To have a world-renowned designer with such trademark shoes joining Toronto shows how strong of a city we are, and how prominent the Yorkville community is.

At Alterra, we have already gotten one foot in the door in the area with our homes at 36Hazelton. Being known for developing legendary communities, it’s only fitting that Louboutin steps into an Alterra community.

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